Our Team

Jonathan French

Position/Role: Director, Founder, Creative Development

Areas of Expertise: Project lead, creative direction, storytelling, film, production, photography

Jonathan is a dynamic and passionate individual who embarked on a journey to establish Stance Media with the mission of bridging the gap and elevating the narratives of First Nations in the digital age

Driven by a genuine commitment to storytelling, Jonathan finds inspiration and wisdom from the traditional storytellers within his own family. Immersed in the rich history of Indigenous culture, he has honed his craft by actively participating in gatherings and traditional ceremonies.

Jonathan excels in the art of effective communication, showcasing his expertise as a visionary leader who provides clear direction and guides teams toward a shared vision with purpose and passion.

With every project, Jonathan brings a unique blend of cultural sensitivity, modern techniques, and a strong interest for storytelling.

Braiden Van Grootel

Position/Role: Director of Photography

Areas of Expertise: Cinematography, colour, film photography

Certifications: Bachelor of Film and Motion Picture Art

Braiden’s love for photography ignited in his early years, thanks to the influence of his grandfather, a seasoned professional photographer and avid collector of film cameras.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Film, Braiden underscores his dedication to perfecting his craft. His artistic journey took a cinematic turn, earning him recognition as a Leo award-winning filmmaker for his outstanding work on the indie film “Darkside” in 2021.

His involvement spans a broad range of productions, from collaborating with Hollywood crews to passionately crafting solo documentary films. One thing remains constant — Braiden always has a camera at his hip, ready to seize the next captivating moment.

Jared Erickson

Position/Role: AC, Sound Design, Editor

Areas of Expertise: On set sound design, camera rigging, focus pulling, story editing

Certifications: Bachelor of Film and Media Production

Jared’s journey of filmmaking began at the age of seven when a camcorder became his most cherished birthday gift. Since then, his cinematic journey has been a steady evolution, ascending through the ranks as he pursued his Bachelor of Film and Media Production at Humber College.

Jared’s expertise spans across crucial aspects of filmmaking. On set, he meticulously crafts immersive sound designs that elevate the auditory experience of every scene. His technical prowess is showcased in camera rigging, ensuring each shot is captured with precision and creativity.

Additionally, Jared excels in the art of story editing, seamlessly weaving narratives that resonate with audiences.

Malibu Taetz

Position/Role: Story Design, Set Design

Areas of Expertise: Directing, writing, composing, animation

Certifications: Bachelor of Motion Picture Arts (valedictorian)

Meet Malibu, a creative force at the heart of filmmaking, blending diverse art forms and technical skills. With a background in music and animation, he is dedicated to innovatively harmonizing visuals and music.

As a versatile artist, he excels in animation, live action, documentary, and fiction, exploring roles in writing, directing, and composing.

Malibu’s work has graced esteemed platforms like the Cannes Film Festival, earning international recognition, including a performance by the KLK Orchestra in Lviv, Ukraine.

Navigating the film industry with adaptability and dedication, Malibu collaborates with extraordinary talents to contribute to the transformative power of storytelling.

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